WARNING: Atom2015 boards are sold on Ebay. These are not offered by me. Please beware that some parts (for example the Godil) are not available any more.
However, I will give best-effort support on these boards through the StarDot forums. The seller has my permission to sell these boards.


You can order a pcb by sending me an email at diy@acornatom.nl. I prefer Paypal gifts (because this is a non-profit project) but bank transfers are also welcome. You can order (a combination of) the following parts:

The printed circuit board
The 27256, CPLD's and Microchip 18F4525
all programmed and ready to use
Programmed GODIL
YARRB printed circuit board (not intended for the Atom2k15!)

These prices may vary if my purchase prices change! Additional packaging and shipping costs will be added depending on the destination of the shipment.

There is only one pcb left! Xilinx doesn't produce the XC95xxXL PLCC44 devices anymore so this will probably be the last batch of boards.