WARNING: Atom2015 boards are sold on Ebay. These are not offered by me. Please beware that some parts (for example the Godil) are not available any more.
However, I will give best-effort support on these boards through the StarDot forums. The seller has my permission to sell these boards.


I bought my first Acorn Atom in 1983. During the years I expanded it, until it had grown out of its case. It was rebuild in a rack, later in an IBM PC case. Many add-ons were built, removed or replaced. You can imagine that this Atom broke down after 10 years.

In 1993 I had designed and build a new Atom clone. One that fits into an ISA slot of an IBM (compatible) PC. This board with a R65C02 processor, 96 kB of RAM and 16 kB of ROM used the I/O of its host computer. Keyboard input, screen output (text and hi-resolution VGA graphics), printer, disk, mouse etc was handled by a terminal program running on the host. This board brought another 10 years of Atom joy.

But then in the early 2000's something went "wrong". I lost my interest in the Atom, modern PC's didn't have ISA slots anymore and some attempts to connect the Atom-in-PC via USB or RS232 failed. I did however keep in touch with many people I met in the 20 years of Atom joy.

In 2013 I registered myself at StarDot and the Atom joy came back. I repaired one of my old Atoms, added a new memory board and was interested in a colour board. On StarDot, Hoglet started a project with a GODIL, which is configured and programmed as a replacement for the 6847 Video Display Generator. This devices provides, noise free Atom graphics in colour with VGA output. And there is more, like 80 characters text mode, mouse interface, hardware scrolling, SID audio and nowadays even a serial interface. The Atom also got an AtoMMC2 mass-storage device that provides 4 or 8 GB storage on a SD-card.

However, the old problems of instability came back. My "new" Atom was also worn out and in 2014 I decided to design a complete new main board for the Atom. Based on the "classic" components like a 6502 CPU, 6522 VIA, 8255 PPI but modernized with CPLD's for decoding purposes, 128kB RAM, 32 kB rom and of course the AtoMMC2 and GODIL integrated. At the end of 2014 this new designed main board was completely operational. And it fits into the original case of the classic Atom.


R65C02 CPU @ 2MHz

128 kB RAM

32 kb ROM

VGA compatible output

Colour graphics

32 and 80 column text

6581 SID compatible audio



AtoMMC2 storage


100% Atom