WARNING: Atom2015 boards are sold on Ebay. These are not offered by me. Please beware that some parts (for example the Godil) are not available any more.
However, I will give best-effort support on these boards through the StarDot forums. The seller has my permission to sell these boards.


First of all: the Acorn company has nothing to do with this project. Although they had created a magnificent computer when they introduced the Atom back in 1979, it's my own creation. Of course, I was very inspired by their computer.

Second: you build and use this computer at your own risk. I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that you may suffer for whatever reason. If you're not experienced enough to build this system, it's your own fault and I won't pay any indemnification.

Third: All components that I sell (see ordering page) are programmed and thus tested. Due to the sensitive nature of semi-conductors there is no warranty on any component. You're dealing with a person and not with a company. Therefore you also have no right for returning any goods and if you do so anyway there will be no refund.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy your new Atom!