WARNING: Atom2015 boards are sold on Ebay. These are not offered by me. Please do not buy those boards because some parts (for example the Godil) is not available any more.
If you are really interested in a new, modern board for the Acorn Atom please contact me as we are developing a new board with additional options like joystick interface, more memory and a real time clock.


A well known forum for enthusiastic users of Acorn Computers. A community of people with excellent knowledge of computer technology.
At these pages you can find all the GODIL source files, documentation, instructions etc that you need to buy, program and install your GODIL. Applies also to regular Atoms :-)
The manufacturer of the used CPLD's and FPGA. You can register here and download the free tools to modify and program the CPLD and GODIL (VHDL) files.
One of the many websites dedicated to the Acorn Atom. This one is in Dutch and contains all the magazines of the Dutch Atom User Group from 1980 - 2000.